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YouTube Donor Cards Now Available for NonProfits

In early 2016 YouTube announced they had expanded their Non-Profit program with the arrival of Donor Cards for nonprofits. This allows visitors to easily give to their favorite 501(c)3 charity directly through the video platform. By clicking on the Donor Card, which can now appear within the video screen, anyone can quickly and easily give to their favorite causes. Only IRS-validated 501c3 non-profits can take advantage of You Tube’s new donation cards, but that should give donors added confidence that their funds will travel in the directions they intend.

Humane Society Donor Cards on You Tube

More videos and opportunities to donate can be found at HSUS’ YouTube Channel:

Employ Video to Increase Donations

Video is one of the hottest trends now in content marketing across all industries. The use of video is predicted to soar not on the far off horizon but at our front door. Non-profit managers should be developing strategies and plans [right now] to figure out how they can tell the story of their cause using video. Google has teamed up with Network for Good to cover all the processing costs of the digital giving transactions through their Donor Card option. Jumping on the video bandwagon and increasing your donations has never been more appealing.

Digital Giving is on the Rise Anyway

The benefits to non-profits of developing a YouTube channel is not unknown., a non-profit connecting donors and grantmakers to nonprofits, as an example has published a power point that encourages non-profits to leverage YouTube to engage audiences. Now with the addition of donor cards non-profits can take that engagement one step farther to on-the-spot fundraising. The Digital Giving Index has revealed openly that digital giving has exploded over the last years. YouTube’s Donor Cards could make giving more accessible and quicker for donors. This ease of use can only benefit the non-profit community and encourage digital donations.

Everyone Enjoys an Authentic Story

In 2012, Dan Portnoy’s self-published book “The Non-Profit Narrative” told us how storytelling could elevate non-profit communications for maximum impact. In every sector the discussion of the power and role of visual storytelling as an evergrowing trend is on the lips of experts. It may date back to the early man, but everyone loves a good story even in our modern technologically frenetic world.

Author and strategist Jeff Bullas suggests that people are not satisfied merely being spectators these days and he may be right. In Legorburu & McColl’s fascinating book “Storyscaping- Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds”  these to marvelously interesting creatives demonstrate how taking storytelling even farther and  to the next level by creating worlds like Legoland and Build-A-Bear Workshops can capture target audience hook, line and sinker. People really do want to connect deeper than they can with just a catchy slogan. The more people delve into or relate to the story, the stronger their connection.

How can I add donor cards to my nonprofit videos?

A great big thank you should go out to Breast Cancer Charities in The Woodlands, Texas for publishing a terrific Online How-To showing step by step how to add donor cards to your YouTube videos. This will help DIY non-profits utilize donor cards and engage more of their potential donors.

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