2016 Super Bowl Ads Feature

Super Bowl Ad Lessons: Top 4 Revealed for Business & NGO Decision Makers

Some of the best Super Bowl Commercials of all time surprised us and made us laugh. Like any stand up comedian or Oscar winning storyline that is because buried within or right out in front is some nugget of truth that is hard to deny. That truth communicates with us in a way that makes us laugh, wax nostalgic or simply shake our heads. Among all this emotion are Super Bowl Ad Lessons for all of us.

This year’s Super Bowl commercial line up includes stampeding wiener dogs, singing sheep, talking ducks, a peeing marmot, a daydreaming warrior panda, even a monkey with a pug pup face. Comedians known for raunch that don’t swear seems to elude to what might be just under the surface of our raging political tournaments in progress…perhaps something even more sordid than we see. No matter what, the 2016 roster of commercials is as usual, entertaining. Isn’t that why we watch instead of taking a bathroom break?

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Why all the fuss? America really is watching. Statista.com reports that the number of people who view the Super Bowl continues to rise from 90 million in 1998 to quickly approaching 120 million in 2016. That is a lot of eyeballs. For the Super Bowl Ad market this is golden and doesn’t even touch the number of views on You Tube before and after the event. If your ad is popular, groundbreaking or a fan favorite then you can count on renewed brand recognition into the next decade as favorite ads are viewed early in the year preliminary to the latest Super Bowl event.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Appealing to everyone is pretty difficult and usually impossible. However, Axe really speaks directly to a broad swath of the male population in their commercial. Even if you are not in that demographic it speaks to acceptance and champions individuality. These are universal themes in a fun, broad spectrum commercial.

In only their second Super Bowl commercial ever, Intuit had a contest and awarded a small business the chance of a lifetime. Death Wish Coffee Company, based in Round Lake, NY was the lucky winner of a multi-million ad in the Super Bowl commercial lineup sponsored by Intuit. Check out Death Wish Coffee’s Facebook Photo Stream to see how the small business, who can expect record breaking sales with the national exposure, uses smiling coffee lover faces and pithy coffee quips to engage their target audience on social media. Good will with their target audience could not be more apparent all the way around.

2. Showmanship Can Make You Shine


A strong trend in growing and promoting any business or non-profit is telling a story. In a world that sometimes feel like nothing more than a smattering of digital imagery every where you go, a lot of people want more more. In past years Chrysler’s Imported from Detroit and Taco Bell’s “Viva Young”  immediately come to mind.

Apartments.com really brings the showmanship with their Movin’ On Up themed commercial, fashioned expertly around the late 70’s classic sitcom the Jeffersons. I have to wonder how many millennials will get the Jeffersons’ references or if “Beans burning on the grill” will have other connotation for them. For those of us who were just wee tots back then or have seen old tv re-runs, the modern twist on a classic brings nostalgic warm and fuzzies.


4. A Candid Feel Works


I have to admit Mini USA’s teasers for the commercial, released February piqued a lot more of my interest than the actual Super Bowl commercial. These grey scale teaser videos feel very candid and authentic. Basically it is a conversation about overcoming labels and stereotypes which is an easily digested universal theme. Mini USA hopes to redefine itself in the eyes of those who may have misjudged it. These teasers kick off a 6 month campaign “against cute” for Mini and serve as background for their short, ultra expensive 3rd quarter Super Bowl ad.


3. The Power of the Unknown


A low calorie Coffee-Fruit drink with international names of interesting fruits like Malawi Mango, Sumatra Dragonfruit, Brasilia Blueberry and Congo Pear? I have never heard of it. Checking out this Super Bowl advertising newcomer’s website for this article it is clear their product development team had their creative thinking caps on. Without seeing the actual ad I found myself curious what they have dreamt up for us.

Special thanks to SuperBowlCommercials2016.com for providing a complete list of the upcoming Super Bowl commercials for Super Bowl Ad Lessons for Business & NGO Decision Makers.

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