Responsive Web Design at Creative Presence

Accessing Your Website from Anywhere on Any Device

There was a time when you heard the word “responsive” and someone was talking about the handling of their spiffy new car or the new catch-phrase for the customer service department at the office. Times have changed a bit.

Fifteen years into the new millennium, business owners and non-profit directors have different fish to fry. These days when people are discussing “responsiveness” they are talking about your website. Responsive design includes particular steps and choices, even technology, that ensure visitors to your website find it viewable and easily accessed no matter what device they are using.

With an estimated 50 million adults with smartphones in the US alone, your website really has to be able to make sense, display correctly and be easy to navigate regardless of the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Most importantly, your website must be accessible on a smartphone.

If you go out to any public place it is pretty hard to ignore how much time people spend on their phones. Google confirmed last year that the number of local searches from a cell phone has exceeded searches from a desktop. This is where the majority of people are going to inform themselves about their upcoming purchases, what businesses to visit when they are out and so much more.

Whether you hire Creative Presence or not, be sure to tell the team developing your website that a responsive web design is crucial.

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