Non-Profit Design

Non-profit design requires a unique approach to communicating with donors and stakeholders while also conveying the merits of the cause. Non-profits, or NGOs as they are called in many parts of the world, are often under a huge amount of scrutiny related to every cent they spend. This can make any communications strategy challenging. A realistic grasp of the importance of the cause balanced against equally realistic budget considerations is always an issue in the forefront.

“[Non-profit] work helps us create a sense of purpose that is bigger than us. It connects us to our community, helps us leave a legacy and be part of something bigger than our own work.”
Peleg Top, artist, poet, leadership coach

Creative Presence has extensive experience working with non-profits to further their cause through creative, targeted marketing and design. Gleaning every drop of marketing value from the budget is our pleasure.

Examples of our work with Non-profit design over the years:
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