UK Christmas Ads Pack A Punch Banner _ John Lewis

John Lewis Sets a High Bar at Christmas


Part 2 in a Special 5-Part Series: Mini-movies pack a memorable Christmas punch.

The John Lewis Christmas ads were the first to open my eyes to this slice of seasonal UK entertainment and continue to win audiences year after year. 2017 marks the tenth year for what has become a highly anticipated debut by citizens across the UK and beyond.

Moz the Monster

(John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017 #1)

The Fox and Mouse

(John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017 #2)

Buster the Boxer

(John Lewis Christmas Ad 2016)

Man on the Moon

(John Lewis Christmas Ad 2015)

Monty the Penguin

(John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014)

John Lewis is a high end department store operating in the UK that dates back to the mid-1800’s. In 2007 the company began an annual ad campaign in the build up to Christmas. These ads are so well-received that they have become an annual tradition in British pop culture.

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