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Here’s Looking at You…or Are They?

UPDATED JULY 23, 2017.

Two hundred and fifty million Americans are calling, texting, playing games, watching videos, obsessing over social media and perusing the internet on their smartphone. That’s roughly 77% of the 326 million of us wandering around building our businesses, feeding our families, balancing our budgets and residing in the land of the free and home of the brave. That’s a whole lot of cell phones in our midst.

Most business owners don’t need statistics to tell them that our population is obsessed with the screens on all our various devices. Nor does the average American need a spokesperson like Mark Wahlberg to tell them that they want to receive all their content on whatever device they might have on hand. This means readily available everything on any device whether it be tablet, mobile phone, laptop or desktop is a must. This is a foregone conclusion…or is it?

Yes, it is. No matter the size of your organization or business, if you are not on the internet many people looking into you will dismiss you immediately. Popular thinking is a business without a web or social media presence is out of touch or worse not a legitimate business entity. If your customers can not read and access information about you, on whatever device they happen to have in their hands, they will move on to your competition every time. Ask yourself: Can your customers navigate your website on their mobile phone?

A website that adapts and is easily read and accessed on any device is called a “responsive” website. A responsive website is a standard in our world today and is no longer considered a luxury reserved for wealthy entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, I often meet with new clients who have not even looked recently at their website on their mobile phone (or otherwise) and don’t realize that the text and images are too tiny to read and the whole thing is awkward to access.

For the first time ever, in 2016 more people accessed the internet on their mobile phone (51.3%) compared to their computer desktop (48.7%). With the dramatic growth in tablet purchases, this is another significant method for accessing websites that seems only destined to grow. The screen size of each and every one of these devices varies dramatically.

Regardless of the size of your business or non-profit organization, developing communications on the internet involves a responsive web presence accessible from anywhere and from any device.

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Is your website mobile friendly?

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