UK Christmas Ads Pack a Punch _ Grocery Game Banner

Grocers Share Joyful Tales & Reach Deepest Consumer Feelings


Part 3 in a Special 5-Part Series: Mini-movies pack a memorable Christmas punch.

Those in the grocery game are attempting to appeal to the masses with their depiction of positive seasonal experiences. Some use Willy Wonka style fantastical imagery and others stick with real-life contributions from audiences. In all cases high production values really seems to payoff amidst short narratives and demonstrations of widespread shared joy.

Best Christmas Ever

(ASDA Christmas Ad 2017)

ASDA is a British supermarket founded in 1965. It is currently the third largest supermarket in Britain. In 1999 it became a subsidiary of corporate giant Walmart but retains its own British management team and board.

Beautifully Normal

(Lidl’s Christmas Ad 2017)

Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG (Lidl for short) is a discount grocery store across Europe that expanded to the US this year. Lidl is the chief competitor of the similar German discount chain Aldi. The company originated in 1930 but saw its demise in 1944 because of the war. In 1977 the founder’s son resurrected the business which has risen to the fifth largest retailer in the world (Supermarket News 2013). Lidle opened its first US Stores in Hampton and Virginia Beach, VA in June 2017.

Every Bit of Christmas

(Sainsbury Christmas Ad 2017)

The Greatest Gift

(Sainsbury Christmas Ad 2016)

Mog’s Christmas Calamity

(Sainsbury Christmas Ad 2015)

Sainsbury is the third largest grocery chain in the UK and was founded in 1869.

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