Every project must begin somewhere. When the founder of our company was a wee child of 9 years she already had a vibrant imagination. She had been writing stories, unlike her classmates at the time, since she was 7. As a spunky third grader, she came up with the idea that she wanted to type her stories as she fancied a “real writer” would do. Her family had an old Underwood typewriter that had belonged to her Grandfather, the only published writer of record in her family. With one uncertain finger at a time, the child poured over the mysterious antique urging it to spit out the stories locked inside her imagination.
Getting started does take initiative and a certain amount of drive. Let Creative Presence help you approach your project professionally and with that same spirit of “We can do it!”.

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Gather Information

It is our job to give you the best advice that we are capable of. To accomplish this we must understand you, your organization, as well as both your local competition and peers within your industry. To truly compete you must understand what others are doing and how they are succeeding. In this way you are best equipped to make stellar decisions to promote your business.

Gather Info
Define Goals

Define Goals (Scope)

How can you measure success without goals? From the beginning we will delve into what you hope to accomplish both long and short term. Our proposal will align with these goals and serve as a guiding light for all decision making throughout the project.

Reveal/Develop A Budget

Every client is different. Sometimes clients have a very specific dollar amount in mind and other times they have no clue how much it will cost to do what they want to do. We work with clients during the planning process to determine what the possibilities are and how much they will cost. Truthfully, cheaper is not always better. Cutting too many corners can often end up costing you more money in the long run. Our best clients understand that value and quality come at a price that is not bargain basement.

Budget Defined
Estimate Ok'd

Approve Estimate

For smaller projects, we will generate a simple estimate. For more involved projects it is often an RFP situation (request for proposal). In either case we will develop a written plan and the costs associated with executing it.

On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!

Before we are off to the races the schedule must be finalized. This includes when content will be submitted by the client, when a client can expect to see a prototype or proofs and the deadline for launch. Once the schedule is set and contracts signed it is time to get busy!

Final Approval

Final Approval/Sign Off

Prior to a completed project being delivered to a vendor/printer, or any digital presence going LIVE, we will seek and obtain final approval from the client. Any changes after final sign off will be billed additional to the contract amount.

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