Serving up Social Media Cocktails and no Hangovers at Creative Presence Design Works.

Social Media Cocktail Anyone? Drink Up.

Who dishes at the water cooler anymore? Now it is a global conversation on any subject and it happens on social media. Today. Tomorrow. Everyday. Businesses, big or small can (and should) join these conversations by joining the neverending party on social media.

Let’s get real. We don’t recommend you show up and chug an entire bottle of 2 million dollar cognac! Establishing your presence in social media takes planning. To be successful you need a strategy just like any other marketing effort. There is plenty of time to consider the 2 million dollar Cognac later, but we don’t have to settle for rail drinks either.

Get off to a good start. Sustain your presence on social media by making your purpose clear and your message consistent. This is only possible with:

  • a well defined strategy
  • a well crafted, balanced message, and
  • lots of appeal to your target audience
To start with let’s sip some of Facebook’s top shelf cocktails that might include:
  • A memorable Cover Image that is crisp and clean and fits properly
  • A simplistic Profile image readily identifiable even at small sizes
  • Useful information offered on a regular schedule
  • Posts that are scheduled when folks are most active on social media
  • Photos and video that tell your story
  • Reminders to the audience of the benefits of whatever you offer
  • Absence of controversial content related to politics or religion

It’s time to go for it! Whether it’s a Vodka gimlet or a Strawberry Margarita that sparks joyful revelry, make sure you have a designated driver. Creative Presence can be that designated drive and deliver you home to fight the good fight tomorrow. Let’s get started!

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