Christmas Ads Triumph with Drama

Drama & High Caliber Talent Wins Our Attention

Part 5 in a Special 5-Part Series: Mini-movies pack a memorable Christmas punch.

Dramatic productions written by Academy Award caliber talent can find itself written up in Vogue, GQ and walk away with a Clio Award as Burberry found out in 2016. A-list actors pack an even great punch for viewers and can be mesmerizing even if we know how the fairytale ends as in Debenham’s Cinderella story. Ties ins to popular movie franchises are destined to grab audiences even as they employ clever storytelling. I mean, who can resist Paddington the bear, after all?

The Tale of Thomas Burberry

(Burberry Christmas Ad 2016)

Employing famous actors, world class cinematography and effective storytelling, Burberry tells an epic tale of their founder, Thomas Burberry. The story unfolds with action and intrigue, glitz and betrayal, determination and regret. This undeniably memorable short is certainly exciting and unique. So far there is no comparable 2017 Christmas ad, but perhaps that coincides with low reported sales in the luxury market in 2016 and subsequent $134 million reorganization in inventory offerings for the company.

Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

(Mark & Spencer’s Christmas Ad 2017)

Mark & Spencer (M&S) is a British multinational retailer specializing in clothing, home products and luxury food products. M&S was founded in 1884 by a Polish refugee who opened a market stall in Leeds, England.

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You Shall

(Debenham’s Christmas Ad 2017)

Debenham’s, a UK department store, traces its origins back to 1778. In 2016 the company announced ( it would move away from its role as a clothing retailer and focus primarily on food, beauty products and gifts.

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